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TITUS TOURNAMENTS was born out of the former South Eastern Pennsylvania Travel Baseball Association. SEPTBA operated from 2016 - 2022, an idea of Chad Naggy, SEPTBA's president and founder which afforded local teams a chance to play competitive baseball without the cost of long distance travel, hotels, etc. For nearly 7 years the SEPTBA provided amazing and fun formats for teams in Chester, Delaware, and Lancaster counties in Pa as well as teams in New Castle County, De. 

SEPTBA had been formed under the premise and motto of "Gentlemen First, Ball Players Second" which basically means to play the game the way it was meant to be played. No "bush league" baseball. 

With character development being a primary focus, SEPTBA had tournament series also that were not as expensive as other tournament venues in the region and again, had set rules where teams had to agree to play the right way. 

After the spring of 2022 SEPTBA closed due to a lack of support and help from others in the league, but the tournament venues were saved. The tournaments held have helped raise money to rebuild a historic 1916 ball park that featured over 30 Hall of Famers over its' 10 years of operation. Learn more about PICO Field here!

So enters TITUS TOURNAMENTS. Taken from the good book, Titus chapter 2, verse 6-8 talks about teaching self controlled young men and to instill in them integrity and character. Something SEPTBA has always been about and was built upon. 

So please ,come visit us, try out a local tournament venue. Tournaments are currently being held throughout Chester, Montgomery and Berks Counties in PA!


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